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The affordable

We are committed to the elaboration, coordination and development of studies and projects in the architecture and engineering area. We are structurally organized to give an effective response and exceptional quality in complex unique projects.


Projects in Buildings (Housing, Commerce, Industry)

  • Topographic surveys
  • Architecture
  • Residential buildings
  • Multifamily buildings
  • Commercial buildings
  • Industrial facilities
  • Social facilities
  • Hotel facilities
  • School facilities
  • Health facilities
  • Outside repairs
  • Landscaping
  • 3D modeling – indoor and outdoor
  • Stability and peripheral containment
  • Water supply networks
  • Stormwater and domestic wastewater drainage networks
  • Gas supply networks
  • Study of thermal behaviour, emission and registration of the Declaration of Regulatory Compliance – REH
  • Acoustic Conditioning Study
  • Fire Safety in Buildings
  • Emergency Plans and Self-Protection Measures
  • Alarms and Intrusion Protection
  • Ventilation and Smoke Exhaust
  • HVAC
  • RECS and QAI
  • ITED
  • Electricity
  • Electromechanics
  • Management and prevention of construction and demolition waste


Projects in Urban Works

  • Urbanization / subdivision plans (architecture and specialties);
  • Hydraulic infrastructures:
    • Water supply networks;
    • Domestic wastewater and stormwater drainage networks
  • Natural gas supply networks
  • Electrical Infrastructures:
    • Medium voltage networks, including transformation and sectioning stations
    • Low voltage networks, including distribution cabinets
  • Telecommunications infrastructures:
    • Telecommunications networks (pipelines) – ITUR, including, “shelters” location
  • Means of communication infrastructures
  • Works and accessory infrastructures
  • Renewable energy infrastructures


We also carry out the following projects:

  • Energetic certification
  • Evaluation of the energy performance, emission and registration of the Energy Certificate – EC, when requesting a license or in the case of commercial transactions
  • Elaboration or analysis of building projects, issuance and registration of the Regulatory Declaration of Conformity DCR (REH and RECS)
  • Assessment and acoustic certification in buildings
  • Expertise
  • Training


Consulting plans

  • Technical coordination and inspection
  • Project review and optimization
  • Measurements and budgets
  • Notebooks
  • Study and selection of proposals
  • Construction planning
  • Environmental management;
  • Environmental monitoring of works
  • Evaluations of real estate
  • Analysis of real estate investment projects
  • Diagnosis of pathologies and / or constructive problems of real estate, and presentation of solutions


Safety plans

  • Safety and health plans in project and work stages
  • Safety coordination in construction