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We seek to maintain a lasting and partnership relation with all market players, based on a true quality culture.

We have opted for a process of sustained internationalization, looking for suitable business partners with the knowledge that ensure risk factor decrease, enabling a better business development, acquiring knowledge and applying know-how in a targeted manner, and taking into account the specificities of each country and culture. At the moment, besides Portugal, we also work in Angola.
The first years of entry into the Angolan market allowed the learning and development of skills that are the foundations of our perspective of internationalization in new markets.

The constant articulation of factors such as experience, technical skills, compliance with deadlines, innovation and dynamism, the adoption of a sensible human resources policy, as well as the guarantee of respect for the environment, and hygiene and safety at work are aspects that have led to our growing prestige in the sector.

The choice for foreign markets also opens the door to the commercialization of building materials to any point in the world.