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Inspection and Maintenance of Buildings

building sustainability

Ensure the conservation of buildings and the increase of their usefulness, maintaining the safety and use conditions, at the lowest cost.


Conservation at the best price

When housing conditions deteriorate, mainly due to the presence of humidity in floors, walls and or ceilings, it is common to use the services of a construction company, leaving the diagnosis and the solution proposal in their hands. Our team aims to help you minimize the risks of failure and to increase your profit.


What is an inspection?

We seek to find out all pathologies and construction defects, caused by poor execution or use, or by the natural wear of materials. To achieve this goal, we carry out a correct diagnosis of the causes and the proposal of solutions for the restoration of housing conditions, using analysis and measurement tools, the collected data being processed by computer technicians and interpreted by specialized technicians.


Why to inspect?

  • To clearly identify the source of the real estate problems
  • To establish the most correct solutions
  • To reduce repair costs
  • To establish intervention priorities
  • To know a property before purchasing it
  • To value the property you intend to sell
  • To support a lawsuit